Programs Available

Traditional Combat Hapkido Class

New Jersey Combat Hapkido is a charter school in the International Combat Hapkido Federation, dedicated to teaching reality based, practical self defense.  We offer a smaller class size so that each of our students gets the most from their training. Our pricing is very affordable and tuition is paid monthly so you are not locked into long contracts. If you are looking for a no nonsense, street smart self defense system, then you've come to the right place!  

P.I.N.K.S Self Defense for Women

PINKS (Preventive Information Necessary Knowledge of Self Defense) is our customizable self defense course for women.  The concepts and easy to learn techniques for this class are structured to teach women the skills, abilities and winning mindset  to survive a violent encounter. It is taught in a uplifting manner to empower women to fight back and take control of their personal safety!

Self Defense 101

Self Defense 101 is our customizable introduction to self defense course.  We can structure the length of this class to fit your training needs. You can schedule a 2 hour seminar, up to an 8 hour certification course.  The class is coed so the students experience opponents of different sizes and genders. If you want to wet your appetite for reality based self defense, then this class is for you!

Other customizable Classes

New Jersey Combat Hapkido offers other curriculum to fit your needs. We can do classes for kids leaving for college, church and community groups, specialty groups (ie nurses, realtors) and corporate training. You can choose such topics as situational awareness, responsible use of social media, critical thinking and active shooter.  Combined with easy to learn defensive tactics, it gives you the freedom  to design a course based on  your goals and needs. The courses can range in time from a 2 hour seminar to an 8 hour certification class.  It can be taught on one day or be spread out over several. Whatever fits your needs, it's all up to you!