Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use a belt rank system?

Our traditional Combat Hapkido class does go by a belt rank system. There are 10 belt ranks on your journey to Black Belt. These are called the GUP ranks. This journey continues with levels of black belt. or Dan. Currently the highest rank is that of 9th Dan held by Grand Master John Pelligrini, the founder of Combat Hapkido.

How is Combat Hapkido different from traditional Hapkido?

Combat Hapkido is different from traditional hapkido in that it is much more practical. This self defense system has removed all  high kicking and high jumping techniques. The theory is that if / when you face an attacker on the street, flashy high jumping techniques are inefficient and may get you hurt. While they look great in the dojo and in the movies, when it comes to life or death street encounters, we're not willing to gamble with your safety.

Do I need martial arts experience to train in Combat Hapkido?

Absolutely not! Some of our best students came to us with no experience at all. In many cases it is preferable as the student comes to us as a "blank canvas"  having not picked up any bad habits from studying at some of the less reputable schools out there.

How much does training cost?

The price of training differs depending on the class or program you choose. All of our prices are reasonable and affordable.  There are no long contracts locking you in. 

Please contact us to further discuss pricing. Even though our pricing is very affordable, we want you to make your decision based on the quality and usefulness of the training and not the price tag.

Why should I choose New Jersey Combat Hapkido?

If you want to learn practical, reality based self defense from an instructor who has seen some of the worst that humanity can bring to the table, then you should train with us.

This is not a sport! We teach you the cold hard facts that may save your life, 

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